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The services I offer:

Website auditing

A written assessment of your website, indentifying where it might be falling short of achieving your objectives. It will include:

Search engine optimisation

Strategies to improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

A picture paints a thousand words; pity search engines can't read them. Having an attractive website full of stunning photos that show off your business is great, provided that people can find your site to look at them. Unfortunately, site crawlers that index your web pages and tell search engines what's on them can only see text. If you leave it up to your photos to do the talking for you, then you need to provide a text description of the images for the crawlers, or all they'll see is empty space. That's bad news if you want to rank high in organic search results.


Is your site mobile friendly? If not you may appear lower in search results as search engines are now favouring sites that render properly on mobile screens. In this day and age a large percentage of web users are on mobile devices so it pays to have a site that retains its functionality and slick appearance on smaller screens.


Is your site user friendly? Is your site easy to navigate? Is the text easy to scan? Can users share your content easily? Does it have a long loading time?


Is your content relevant? Does your site contain the search terms you want to rank for?

Business Frog can give your site an SEO report and make some recommendations for changes. If the recommended changes are small you can pass them on to your IT manager. If, however, your site is a bit outdated and the list of recommended changes is long, you could consider starting from scratch with a new site.

Web Design

A service offered in conjunction with Nicky Ellakirk at, who ensures your website is flawless, clean, easy to navigate and visually stunning. Meanwhile I make sure it achieves its purpose, be that generating leads, boosting sales, branding or securing donations to a cause.

Just let me know what the site needs to do. Is its primary function to convey information? Or does it need to inspire visitors to do something, like pick up the phone, fill in an enquiry form, download a pdf, watch a video, make a purchase, etc. Do you have a rough idea how you want the site to look, what colours it should be, what fonts the text should appear in, or do we have a blank canvas to play with? Most importantly, what search terms do you want to rank for? Give me an outline of what you want and Nicky and I will estimate timescales and costs. We'll make some preliminary designs that you can check over before construction begins, and if you're happy, we'll deliver a responsive, mobile-friendly, search engine optimised site to your specifications. Our sites are delivered with Google analytics enabled and with cookie policy banner. Interested? Drop us an email.

Want to see the latest site we worked on together? Check out the site we made for Pool House, a luxury guest house in the Scottish Highlands.

Social Media Management

Account set-up.

You get an optimised profile, which tells the public everything they need to know about your business. Biography, profile pictures, cover photos and contact details are all included. Just tell me the nature of your business, the products/services you offer, the search terms you want to be found for, and send me some eye catching photos that will help to sell your business. Prices start from £30 for the basic set-up. Logos, graphics, photo editing and other extras are also available, contact me to discuss your needs.

Two things to bear in mind:

1)Do your research. Don't think you need a Twitter profile just because everyone else has one. You know your customers and target audience. Each platform is different and certain demographics tend to use some more than others.

2) You don't need to be on all of the networks! For one thing this would be very time consuming, but honestly it's better to manage one account well than to spread yourself thin and manage several at once. Content should be tailored to individual networks, so posting the same thing on all of them won't be the most effective content strategy. Find out which platforms your customers are using and focus your attention on those.

Account management.

Management can include any or all of the following:

Posting - Original content – This content needs to come from you. If you have photos you'd like shared, upcoming events to announce, or an important status update to make then let me know so I can get it scheduled.

Posting - Curated content – Sharing fresh content regularly is hard. When you're short of news or time to write something new then curated content helps keep your profile fresh and present in people's minds. Curated content is content created by other people that you want to share because it's a) interesting or useful for your followers, and b) a way to spread goodwill and have people share your content in turn. To do this I need to know the kinds of content you'd like shared – are there local businesses you want to plug, blogs you follow, any specific subjects that would be appropriate on your page etc.)

Engaging with followers – You may prefer to do this yourself – if you want me to answer common questions then give me some stock responses that I can personalise. If you'd just like me to acknowledge a comment and inform you so that you can respond to the person yourself then let me know.

Monitoring – Checking for mentions, enquiries or complaints that need a rapid response.

Social listening – Looking for potential clients who express an interest in a product or service you offer.

Reporting – Keeping tabs on the social analytics to see how posts are performing and recommending changes for improvement.

You decide whether I do all or just some of these. If you want full control of your engagements with the public but want me to look for relevant content you can share then that's fine.

Prices start from just £12/h, and I can do as little as 10 minutes per day for you.